Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dallas Dinner Club - Inaugural Dinner

So, I've decided to start a Blog, mainly because it seems like everyone is doing it, I enjoy reading them, and I think it will be a great way to record what's happening in our lives to look back on later...a virtual memory book.  I've never been good at journaling, but hopefully this will stick!

After a busy week at work and a physics test for Michael as part of his board exams, we were really looking forward to our first ever dinner club meeting on Thursday night.  Michael and I decided to get a group together to have dinner once a month and try new restaurants.  We gathered together a group consisting of close friends, colleagues, and friends of friends so we can all meet new people.  We have 14 members (7 couples) total, and its a great, fun group.  We met at Park on Henderson, and had a delicious meal and great conversation.  Mussels, mac n cheese, halibut and chicken friend steak, all with a comfy but upscale twist, were among the highlights.  Overall it was a great evening and just what we needed after this crazy week.

This weekend is looking pretty rainy...perfect for just hanging out and recharging.  We're planning on heading to friends' houses tonight and tomorrow, so it will be the perfect mix of activity and relaxation.  Yay for weekends with no work!