Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rice Cereal...Mmmm Good!

We started giving Nate rice cereal yesterday at his last feeding before bed time.  It was a HUGE hit.  He loved it.  Here is a video documenting the milestone (i have one more to upload later)...clearly we think our kid is amazing and a genius!  Enjoy!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bedtime Giggles

This is why I am always rushing home to make bedtime.  Nate thinks the whole process is hilarious and his laugh is infectious.  It is the best thing to come home to!

Monday, January 17, 2011

5 months

I swear, this has been the fastest 5 months of my life.  Nate, where has the time gone?  Every day Nate does something new, and his little personality is starting to shine through.  He's starting to laugh at everything and is such a sweet little boy.  We are truly enjoying him right now and this is the best stage so far.

At five months, Nate:
  • Weighs approx. 15 lbs, is approx. 25 inches long.
  • Wears size 2 diapers, 3-6 month and 6 months clothing.
  • Eats about 5.5oz every 3 hours (or 2-2.5 hours if we are having a hungry day); Is still exclusively breast fed (go boobies!), although we will be starting rice cereal in a couple of weeks.
  • Sleeps from about 7 pm until 6:30 am, with 1-2 feedings in between.  Generally he will wake up around 3 am, but recently he's woken up around 11-12 as well.  I think he might be starting to teeth.  Mommy and Daddy would love for him to drop those middle of the night feedings, but they are so quick and easy, we aren't complaining!
  • Takes about 3 naps a day.
  • Can roll over tummy to back and has rolled over back to tummy a couple of times.  This isn't consistent yet though since he pretty much only does it when he wants to.
  • Loves his nanny, Amy.
  • Is starting to notice the dogs.  He'll get this really wide-eyed look when they come to sniff him.
  • Is such a curious little boy.
  • Enjoys his weekly Gymboree class, and loves to go for stroller rides.
  • Loves to play in his Exersaucer and has recently learned to "jump."
  • Still loves all of his hanging toys and these soft blocks he got for Christmas.
  • Starting to get interested in books.
  • Is grabbing at everything, including mom's hair (a favorite).
  • Is putting everything in his mouth.  Give him something new, and its the first thing he does.  Mom and Dad's noses are a favorite!
  • Is smiling and laughing all the time now (except when mom is trying to take his picture!).  We can pretty much get him to laugh anytime by tickling him or making a funny face.  He thinks it is hilarious when we change his outfit--he cracks up.
Squirming around -- typical these days
  • Wakes up talking, cooing and smiling.
  • Loves to practice screaming.
  • Has mastered tummy time and is perfectly comfortable hanging out on his belly.

    We love you Buggy and are so blessed to be your parents!

    Tuesday, January 11, 2011

    2011 Goals

    I've given up on making resolutions, but I thought I'd share my 2011 goals.  Goals sounds so much better than resolutions--allows for some flexibility and much-needed wiggle room.  So, here are my goals for this year:

    1) Lose about 15 pounds.  While I'm happy to be back to my pre-preggo weight and wearing all of my old clothes (for the most part--the girls are still bigger due to the breast feeding so some old tops simply don't work for me), I'd gained a bit before my hypothyroid condition was diagnosed.  Now that it is under control and I'm on the right dose of medicine, I'd love to shed those extra pounds.  This will involve getting into an exercise routine...very hard with a 5 month old, but hopefully I will be able to work something out!  Baby Boot Camp and Power Yoga are in my future!

    2) Blog more frequently.  I'd love to blog several times a week and really get in the bloggy world mix.  I'm hoping to up my followers as well, and I think this is the best way to go about it.  Plus, I love capturing the little moments with our little guy.

    3) Comment on Blogs I like.  I've been a blog lurker for over a year, but its high time I let my bloggy friends know how much I enjoy reading about their blogs.  Plus, they should know they are my bloggy friend, its only polite, right?

    4) Enter my time more frequently.  As a lawyer, I'm required to keep track of my day in 6 minute increments.  Fun.  I write everything down in my beloved planner, but will slack on entering it into my Firm's billing system.  Then it takes me an hour to catch up on two weeks worth of time.  Not very efficient, especially since I can't really bill for billing, if that makes any sense.  So, enter my time more frequently is a must!

    5) Get Rosetta Stone (Spanish) and start learning.  I've always wanted to learn Spanish.  While 3 years of Latin in high school was oh so fun, it hasn't proved to be very useful in every day life.  I want to master Spanish first and then French.  And finally, Italian.  I don't expect to be fluent, but would love to be conversational in {most} of the Romance languages.

    6) Keep documenting Nate's growth with lots of pics and video.  Life gets hectic but I want to make sure to document as much as possible of our little man's growth.  I love him.

    That's about it.  I'm thinking this is a doable list.  We'll see how it goes!

    Sunday, January 9, 2011


    Dallas saw its first (and possibly only) winter snow fall today.  We had to introduce Nate to the white stuff--he took it all in but overall seemed pretty unimpressed.  :)

    He was much more excited about coming inside and playing on his playmat.  He's mastered tummy time!

    Friday, January 7, 2011

    BTHO LSU!!

    Nate is ready to watch the Ags BTHO the LSU Tigers in the Cotton Bowl tonight!!

    Gig Em!!!

    One Year Ago

    One year ago on January 4, 2010, I took a pregnancy test after coming home from work.  There were none of the usual signs that my monthly friend was on her way and I knew our timing had been great a few weeks prior.  I was excited, nervous, happy, and terrified all at the same time.  I took the test, and we anxiously waited the 3 minutes.  Michael went to look at it and then jokingly tried to keep me from seeing it--little punk!  Finally, I pushed my way into the bathroom and looked at the white stick...POSITIVE!  Two beautiful, clear pink lines!  We were pregnant!

    Now, fast forward a year, and I'm typing this while my almost five month old plays on his playmat.  He is cooing, kicking and shaking his Freddie the Firefly.  He's laughing at me and is a sweet little boy.

    We are truly blessed, and I am so thankful for that little test that changed our lives for the better one year ago.

    Wednesday, January 5, 2011

    Christmas 2010

    Overall, we had a great Christmas this year.  It was a bit eventful (more to come) and I'm starting to see a trend with our holidays! 

    Love those rosy cheeks!
    Christmas Eve we went to the 7:00 pm service at our church.  It was a candlelight and communion service, which I love!  Nate did pretty well during the service.  It started right when he normally goes to bed.  He did fine for the first 15 minutes, then got fussy.  Michael held him outside for a little while and then we switched.  After 10 min of holding Nate, he fell fast asleep in my arms.  I took communion standing up holding the little guy and he didn't wake up until we got home--not even when we put him back in his carseat.  We managed to lose one of his shoes though at church.  Little bugger kicked it off at some point.  I'm hoping it turns up in the lost and found!

    Ready for Church.
    After we got Nate settled and in bed, I made Christmas Eve dinner for Michael and I.  We had lamb chops with a black cherry reduction, a sweet pea risotto, brussel sprouts with bacon, rolls and champagne.  It was delish!  After dinner, we did our Wish ornament.  Last year, all of our wishes came true (we are very blessed!); we jotted down new ones for 2011.  Then we exchanged the gifts we got for each other. 

    I gave Michael a sweater, shirt and tie from Brooks Brothers and a pair of "fancy" jeans.  Winston gave Michael a paw washer and towel since Winnie is always finding mud out in the backyard to play in. 
    Paw washer

    Michael gave me a Le Creuset dutch oven--I've been wanting one forever!  Then we got things set up from Santa and called it a night.
    The next morning we opened gifts and showed Nate what Santa brought him for Christmas.  Although he won't remember this Christmas, we still had a lot of fun.  Nate got an exersaucer and lots of clothes and other little toys.  He was mesmerized!
    With his first golf club.
    Loved the exersaucer!
    Then we packed everything up to head to our parents' houses.  When Michael started to load up the car, Winnie and Lexi decided to go on a joy run.  They bolted out of the house--totally out of character for them--and ran off down the street.  I was holding Nate at the time and instinctively lunged forward when they ran out.  Of course, when this happened my thumb caught the back of his ear and scratched it pretty good.  Immediate tears from both baby and mom...again!  I'm ready for a holiday that is tear-free!
    Once Michael caught up with the dogs (with some help from a nice woman who saw him running after the dogs and stopped to give them a lift back home--she was on her way to walk some dogs and had extra leashes and everything in her car...a Christmas miracle!) we got packed up and headed north. 

    We went to my family's house first and opened gifts.  Nate got a ton of fun toys that beep, bleep and make noise.  I got a Flip video camera and Michael got a North Face pullover and some gift cards.  Very fun.
    Then we headed over to Michael's family's house for more presents.  Nate got even more fun stuff, some diapers and I got a Beaba baby food maker.  Yay!  Michael got some more shirts and ties as well.
    Later that evening, my family came over and we all had some vegetable soup for Christmas dinner.  Then, we headed home and tucked lil' man into bed.  He fell fast asleep after such an eventful day. 
    Overall, it was a wonderful Christmas and we had a great time.