Thursday, May 19, 2011

8 Months {Forever Ago...We are WAY Behind}

Mom of the Year, right here.  Now that Nate is 9 months old, I figured I should finally post his 8 month pics.

Hello Mr. Owl!
 We were in Napa on a little adults-only weekend when Nate turned 8 months old, so Ms. Amy took these pics for us.

They turned out really cute.

And she even got a few of him smiling!

I love this picture--its pretty typical of life right now!  Our little guy is just so full of life and energy, we are constantly on our toes.   He's so much fun, and I love seeing his little personality develop.

We just went to the doctor this week for Nate's 9 month check up, so I will do a full post in a couple of days with all of his stats.

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