Friday, July 15, 2011

11 Months

Nate is 11 months old! I am in major party-planning mode getting things ready for his big First Birthday Bash. I know I’m totally going overboard, but I just love it. Here is what Nate's been up to this past month:

• Weighs approx. 21 lbs, and is about 29.5? inches long.

• Wears size 3 diapers (moving to size 4), 6-12 month, and 12 months clothing.

• Eats about 4-6 oz of formula every 3-4 hours.

• He eats some solids 3 times a day, plus a couple of snacks. This month we discovered Nate likes mandarin oranges, raspberries, blueberries, and waffles.

• Is finally sleeping through the night. His wake-up time varies though from 5:15am until 6:15am. Sometimes when he wakes up at 5:15am, we give him a bottle and he will hang out in his crib and doze for another hour or so.

• Started cruising this month! He now crawls all over the place, pulls up and cruises along. He pulls up on nearly everything: shower doors, windows, Winston, etc.

• Cut another tooth! Front bottom left. And, his top two teeth are in process.

• Still loves to scream, although he isn’t doing it as much, thank goodness!

• Has started babbling and trying to repeat what you say.! We think his official first word is “ball” followed closely by “dog.” He also says “Mama” and “Dada.”

• Still loves to laugh and thinks everything is hilarious.

• Loves to chase after the dogs, and laughs when they give him kisses. He adores getting kisses from Winston and will pull up in front of him, and open his mouth and duck his head at all the licks!

• Loves to play with his toys. His favorite toys right now are his Tool Bench, Music Table, buzzing Bumble Bee, Scout the Dog, and balls.

• Loves to read. His favorite books right now are “Good Puppy,” “Little Fish Goes Swimming,” “In My Meadow,” and “How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight.” He loves to turn the pages!

• Still goes to Gymboree 1-2x a week and also has playdates about 1x a week. Ms. Amy is great about taking him out and about so they don't get bored indoors!

We cannot believe our tiny, little newborn is almost a year old! Time is going by way too quickly. We just love our little Bug-a-Roo!

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