Thursday, March 21, 2013

S's Birthday Party!

On October 21, 2012, we got to go to S's 2nd birthday party!  I work with S's mom, so while I see her all the time, we don't get to see S as much.  It was such a fun party and great to let the kiddos run around and play.  

S loves Curious George, so of course that was the party theme!  The cake was amazing!

S's mama hired a super cool balloon artist to make whatever the kiddos requested.  Nate of course wanted a Cookie Monster and Elmo...which the balloon guy made to perfection.  Nate was very pleased!

Nate found a Jack-n-the-Box toy and was obsessed for a while.  He loved it!

No two-year old birthday party is complete without a bounce house!  We had to drag Nate out of there.

While the kiddos bounced, I got to love on baby S, who was about 3 months old.  So sweet!

Our gift: a super fun Leap Frog of N's favorite toys!

Happy Birthday S!!

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