Monday, March 8, 2010

Hawaii -- February 26, 2010 thru March 5, 2010

Michael and I were able to use my parent's time share in Maui for a week.  We had a great time lounging around, relaxing, laying in the sun and just doing nothing. 

We were there for the tsunami, but luckily it was much ado about nothing and no damage was done. 

(Our tsunami rations)

(The LONG line at the grocery store at 5:30 am)

The best treat was being able to upgrade to first class on the way out there!  That made the 8-9 hour flight so much better. 

During the week, we drove around the west side of Maui...

... did the road to Hana and east side of Maui...

... and also took a whale watching sail.

(Whales we could see from our hotel balcony)

We ate a lot of good food and caught up with each other.  It was a blast and we were sad to leave.  Can't wait to go back soon!

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