Thursday, December 23, 2010

4 Months - December 15, 2010

Seriously?!  Another photo shoot?
It is hard to believe it has been four months since our little Bug entered the world.  He has us totally smitten and we are head over heels in love.  Here are some things he's been up to over the past month:

-Weighs 13.7 pounds (20%), is 24.75 inches long (45%) and is finally on the growth chart for head size.
-Wears size 3 month clothes, some 0-3 months and 3-6 months, and size 1 diapers (although we are about to move to size 2).
-He sleeps from about 7:30 pm until 2:30-3:30 am.  Wakes up and has a short feeding and is back to sleep in about 30 minutes.  He'll sleep then until about 6:30 am or so.  Not too bad.  I think he is getting closer to dropping that middle of the night feeding since he doesn't take as much then.
-Takes several naps during the day.
-Eats approx. 5 oz every 3 hours--still exclusively breastfed.
-Loves to squeal, scream and talk.  He's so much fun to have a conversation with!
-Is very active.  He's always kicking and squirming.  Hence, the no socks...they never stay on for long.
-Loves to play on his playmat and bat at Octopus and Firefly.
-Smiles like crazy and is a happy boy. He wakes up squealing, cooing and smiling, rather than sweet!
-Has laughed out loud a couple of times.
-Gets very serious when a camera is around.  I can never capture those smiles!
-Likes watching football with daddy and reality TV with mom occasionally.
I'd rather not look at the camera, mom!
-Is close to rolling over (back to tummy).  He will get all the way over to his side but hasn't flipped over yet.
-Loves to be held "thrown over your shoulder" style so he can look around.  He's got great head control.
-Prefers to face out now rather than at whomever is holding him.

What'd I do??
He's getting so big and his little personality is starting to shine through.  I'm sure I'll say this every month, but this is such a fun time with him!

We love you Nate!!  You're the best thing your daddy and I have ever done!!!

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