Saturday, December 11, 2010

Thanksgiving, Back to Work and Nanny Diaries!

Whew.  Its been a busy couple of weeks! 

We enjoyed Thanksgiving with our families, however, we did experience our first (of many, I'm sure) Nate injury.  Right as we were sitting down for Thanksgiving dinner, we noticed a wasp flying overhead.  My parents had been having issues with these little creatures getting in the duct work and coming through the recessed lighting.  Nate was tucked in his car seat in the corner by the table.  We started eating and I noticed the wasp flying over the car seat.  You can see where this is going.  We should have moved him, but I didn't want to overreact.  Well, the next thing I saw, the wasp was crawling up my sweet babe's face and then onto his hand!  I panicked and immediately went into protective mom mode.  I jerked Nate (probably a little too forcefully) out of his car seat and ran with him into the other room.  He of course started wailing.  I looked and he suffered a sting on his little chubby cheek!!  Luckily, the stinger wasn't in his skin and it was very superficial.  We put some baking soda paste on it and that seemed to help a lot.  He cried for about 30 minutes and was fine.  Me...I cried for 2 hours!  I felt terrible and was so worried he was going to have some allergic reaction or something.  Fortunately, everything was fine, but what a horrible feeling to see your child hurt!  Lesson learned: always listen to your gut mommy instinct...its ok to be the "crazy mom" for a little peace of mind.

Our little turkey pre-sting:

In other news, I started back to work this week.  Fortunately, Michael has a pretty relaxed schedule in December and is able to take care of Nate during the day this month.  That has made the transition back so much easier.  I miss my little man like crazy, but it is not as bad knowing Michael is with him.

We also found a great nanny to take care of Nate beginning in January!  We used to search for caregivers, which I highly recommend.  We conducted 3 first round interviews, and had home visits with two of them.  We were all set to hire one nanny, who we thought would work just fine, when we met with Amy.  She blew us away.  She is such a sweetie and a good Christian girl.  She immediately fit right in with Michael and I and seemed to take to Nate (I mean, how could you not?).  Her references were stellar and everyone just loved her.  Fortunately, she accepted the job and is just as excited as we are to have her join our little family.  Yay!!  I'm so thankful we found her.

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