Friday, February 11, 2011

Turning the Corner

So I think we've finally turned the corner on Nate's sleeping habits.  The past 4 nights, he's gone from about 6:45 pm until 6:00 am without eating.  Yay!!  Such a big boy.  :)

He hasn't slept this entire time and still wakes up a couple of times throughout the night.  When this happens, we've just been doing a paci-push (Lloyd-speak for offering him his pacifier first and then if this doesn't settle him back to sleep, giving him a snack-sized bottle).  The past 4 nights, he has quieted back to sleep each time after getting the paci and gone all thru the night with no bottle.  I think its a big milestone that he's consistently going 12 hours without eating.  Hopefully, he'll stop waking up and needing his paci in the next couple of days/weeks.  But, its a big improvement and a step forward!

And because I just have to share, here are a couple of our favorite shots from Nate's latest photography session (at 5.5 months).  Our photographer, Jonnye Bower, is awesome and we highly recommend her if you are in the Dallas area.

My kid doesn't smile for photos...but the serious/curious looks are still precious!

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