Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pilgrimage to Philly

Two weekends ago (March 4th - March 7th), my mom and I took Nate to Philadelphia, PA to visit some extended family--my Grandpap, aunt, uncle, cousins, and first cousins once removed.  I was so nervous for Nate's first flight and being away from home, but overall, the trip went great.

Nate had one 5 minute meltdown on the return trip, but other than that, he did really well on the plane.  Everyone in Philly just loved him!

Nate's second cousins, Chase and Ciera, couldn't get enough of Nate.  Chase kept petting Nate's head and saying "Baby's hair so soft.  Baby is so cute!"  I couldn't agree more!

Nate and Chase

Ciera, Nate, Uncle Gary and Chase

Cousins, just hanging out
 When we arrived in Philly, we headed over to see Grandpap.  First meeting:

We went to Valley Forge Park Saturday morning.  It was very pretty and cool to see where Washington and his troops camped during the winter while the war was going on.

Washington's headquarters
 The main purpose behind the trip was for my Grandpap to meet Nate.  Grandpap is 88 years old and isn't in the best health, so we never know which visit might be the last. 

Spending time with Grandpap
GB and Nate
This frog is cool.
Nate and my Aunt Paige

I know it was important for my mom that we made the trip and I'm glad we secured a 4 generations picture.  Nate is lucky to have met both of his living great-grandparents!

4 generations
Grandpap and his 2 daughters
My mom's cousin Bobbi also game up one night to meet everyone.

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