Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Eve Eve and Christmas Eve 2011

Christmas this year was so much more exciting than it has been in years past!  Having a little one, just makes everything better when seeing it through their eyes.  I wanted to make everything "special" and start some of our own traditions, and Michael willingly tagged along.

Reading the Night Before Christmas that GB and Abuelo got for Nate.

 One tradition we started: the Trains at Northpark.  

Added plus, the exhibit benefits Ronald McDonald House of Dallas!
Nate was old enough this year to appreciate the coolness of this annual exhibit!  And, we had a ton of fun taking him.  We went the day before Christmas Eve, so things were crazy busy!  The line was super long and I didn't think we'd be able to see the trains...there was no way we could handle close to a 2 hour wait.  So, we decided to grab an early lunch instead.  On our way out, I suggested walking back by the exhibit just to see how things were, and surprisingly, the line was so much shorter.  We only waited about 20 minutes to get in.
Waiting in line.


Nate loved the trains, and was just mesmerized watching them go around the track.

He loved the little windows that were low to the ground...perfect size for him to check out the scenes on display!

It was fun to see the D.C. model since it hadn't been too long since we were there.

The model of Dallas was really cool!

A picture of Michael's hospital and my office building in the same shot.

On Christmas Eve, we took Nate to the family worship service, which was great.  It was short, but a really sweet service.  And the sanctuary was full of families with young kids, so we didn't have to worry about Nate making any noise!

After church, we came home and opened one gift.  This is another tradition we will do each year.

Nate liked helping.



Michael was slightly embarrassed when he realized the cool gift wasn't just PJs for Nate, but the entire family!


After we opened the gift, we read the Night Before Christmas one last time before heading to bed in anticipation of Santa Clause!


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