Friday, December 30, 2011

First Day of "School"

Nate started "school" this year--I mean, he's so advanced, we wanted to capitalize on the learning.  Every 1 year old should be in school.  Ha, ha...I'm totally kidding, so please don't peg me as a crazy pageant-type mom just yet.

Nate's school is at our church, which does have a great program that is always pretty popular.  It fills up every year, so we are glad we got in and can take advantage of it!  It's basically a mothers day out type program in terms of how it is set up.  This year, he is in the infant class and goes 1 day a week from 9am-2pm.  Amy, our nanny, uses this time to run errands for us, get her own appointments and stuff done, etc.  It has been great for everyone!  Nate loves it.  His teachers are very nice, and I'm thoroughly enjoying the art he brings home every week!

Here is our little "genius" on his first day of school.

Teacher gifts I whipped together.  I found some free printables online -- it says "With you as my teacher, I'll be one smart cookie".  I cut them out and tied them around some packages of cookies we randomly had left over from a Junior League project.  I thought they turned out cute, especially for a totally last minute thing!

Crawling to get the camera.
Much more interested in mom's necklace!

Goofy boy.  I love his pointed toes--takes after his momma with a natural point to his feet.


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