Saturday, May 22, 2010

23 Weeks and Nursery Update

Since I'm going to hit 24 weeks on Sunday (tomorrow), I'll do a full preggo post sometime next week.  For now, here I am at 23 wks.

So, we've been slowly working on Baby Lloyd's room in our spare time.  I'm really not in to pastel greens and yellows, so I knew I'd have to find a better decorating option if we were really going to go through with not finding out Baby Lloyd's gender or I would break down and find out just to paint the walls a shade of pink or blue, colors I do like.  Pottery Barn catalogs to the rescue!  Seriously, they are a great source of ideas.  Ultimately, we settled on painting the walls chocolate brown.  I ordered the 'Chocolate' paint from Serena and Lily and loved the way the color turned out.

Hubs painting away--he actually likes painting!
Painting almost complete, and the office almost cleaned out (it has taken forever!).

We recently had crown moulding installed in the house (something we've wanted to do since we moved in 3 years ago--babies have a way of getting your booty in gear!), and also had wainscoting installed in the baby room.  Baby Lloyd's room is looking good so far!

After wainscoting and crown moulding -- love it!

Closer view.

We also ordered our furniture this past weekend. It's basically all backordered until later this summer, but that's ok. I'm learning to be patient. :) Here are some pics of things to come (we ordered everything in the antique white color, as pictured):

Crib--this is the pic that pretty much inspired the room idea.

Changing Table System


Everything is looking good so far, and I'm excited to see it come together over the next couple of months!

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