Monday, May 10, 2010

The City Girl Goes Camping

I am not a camper.  Every time we went as a family growing up, it poured so badly, we had to scramble to leave in a hurry.  After 3 or 4 unsuccessful trips, we gave up and decided we were just camping cursed.  With these bad experiences, I never pursued camping as an adult.  Michael has been suggesting we go forever, and finally the opportunity arose--Hal and Michael schemed together and picked a weekend to camp and decided to drag bring their wives along.  I reluctantly agreed to go b/c I couldn't be the sissy of the group--extra points for camping while preggo!  The weekend was picked and the destination a no-brainer: Hal's parents own some land about an hour away.  Downside: no bathrooms...a ton of extra points for me.  Surpisingly, I had more fun than expected.  It did rain (see, told ya I'm camping cursed), but we were able to weather the storm and make it thru the whole trip.  The massage Tiffany and I enjoyed when we got back to Dallas was the perfect end to the weekend!

The truck in front of us as we turned off of the highway onto the road that would lead us to our camp site.  Yes, that's a rooster and other birds.

Tiffany illustrating we were coming from work in our heels and nice outfits to go sleep in the woods for a night.

Hal getting the fire started.

The tents.  We stayed in the larger one (air mattress was a must); Tiff and Hal stayed in the smaller one beyond the orange tent.

Michael playing with fire--a longtime love of his.

Proud Michael and his flames.

Documenting we were there.  I look a little nervous...

The tractor--we took a ride around the property on the back of it.

Cooking fajitas, bell peppers/onions and corn.  We made some awesome food!

Michael blowing up our air mattress.  The Snoogle also made the trip--can't sleep without it!

We also made smores (duh!) and had cinnamon rolls, bisquits, coffee and hot chocolate for breakfast, but I failed to get pics of all of that.  Overall, I will camp again, but will preferably not be with child on the next trip!  :)


  1. You are a good wife. I am not the happiest camper. :) Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. It is always nice to hear supportive comments from people that have been through it.

  2. So I have to tell you that I clicked on your comment on "I Love You More Than Carrots" because of your last name - it's a family name in my husband's family...then I see you live in Dallas (me too)...then I see your latest post was on camping (mine too)...THEN I see your husband is a resident...mine too (ENT at Parkland). Oh my goodness, twinsies! So funny - I'm a new follower! Wonder if our hubby's know each other? Cute blog and congrats on your upcoming new addition!

  3. Kari--how funny! That is a lot in common. My hubs is at Baylor, but he does know some surgeons at Parkland. Small world! I'm following your blog as well now. :) Thanks!