Monday, January 17, 2011

5 months

I swear, this has been the fastest 5 months of my life.  Nate, where has the time gone?  Every day Nate does something new, and his little personality is starting to shine through.  He's starting to laugh at everything and is such a sweet little boy.  We are truly enjoying him right now and this is the best stage so far.

At five months, Nate:
  • Weighs approx. 15 lbs, is approx. 25 inches long.
  • Wears size 2 diapers, 3-6 month and 6 months clothing.
  • Eats about 5.5oz every 3 hours (or 2-2.5 hours if we are having a hungry day); Is still exclusively breast fed (go boobies!), although we will be starting rice cereal in a couple of weeks.
  • Sleeps from about 7 pm until 6:30 am, with 1-2 feedings in between.  Generally he will wake up around 3 am, but recently he's woken up around 11-12 as well.  I think he might be starting to teeth.  Mommy and Daddy would love for him to drop those middle of the night feedings, but they are so quick and easy, we aren't complaining!
  • Takes about 3 naps a day.
  • Can roll over tummy to back and has rolled over back to tummy a couple of times.  This isn't consistent yet though since he pretty much only does it when he wants to.
  • Loves his nanny, Amy.
  • Is starting to notice the dogs.  He'll get this really wide-eyed look when they come to sniff him.
  • Is such a curious little boy.
  • Enjoys his weekly Gymboree class, and loves to go for stroller rides.
  • Loves to play in his Exersaucer and has recently learned to "jump."
  • Still loves all of his hanging toys and these soft blocks he got for Christmas.
  • Starting to get interested in books.
  • Is grabbing at everything, including mom's hair (a favorite).
  • Is putting everything in his mouth.  Give him something new, and its the first thing he does.  Mom and Dad's noses are a favorite!
  • Is smiling and laughing all the time now (except when mom is trying to take his picture!).  We can pretty much get him to laugh anytime by tickling him or making a funny face.  He thinks it is hilarious when we change his outfit--he cracks up.
Squirming around -- typical these days
  • Wakes up talking, cooing and smiling.
  • Loves to practice screaming.
  • Has mastered tummy time and is perfectly comfortable hanging out on his belly.

    We love you Buggy and are so blessed to be your parents!

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