Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pirate Party - Part 2

On to Part 2 of the Birthday Recap, which itself is part of the "Catch up the Blog ASAP" series!  This post features the outfits worn on party day and the activities the little people and adults enjoyed.

First up, Outfit #1.  This adorable Pirate Shortall was Nate's first outfit of the day.  I couldn't get a great pic of him in it b/c he was either crawling away, eating, squirming or being inundated with all of the people!  Funny enough, I'd already purchased the shortall long before I decided on his party theme from Zulily--I believe it was from Ragsland.  It was the perfect outfit for Nate to greet his buddies.

Next, mommy's and daddy's outfits!  I ordered us tee shirts from Zazzle to wear.  Mine says "I heart Pirates" and Michael's says "pirate" with an arrow pointing up, and has a skull and cross bones on the back.  Perfect partyware.

Accessories make any outfit.

Mommy and Buggy!
Acute pirate frame I made with Nate's invitation in it is in the background.
Family Pic.  Notice the poms in the background I made that didn't get pictured in the decor post.
Outfit #2.  This was Nate's cake smash outfit.  Before cake time, we changed him out of his "nice outfit" and into his cute and cake friendly outfit.  I bought this tee and matching hat from an etsy seller.  I was so happy with the outfit, even if Nate refused to keep the hat on for more than 1 pic.

Outfit #3.  Not technically a birthday party outfit, but this is an outfit I put him in for his 1st Birthday photo shoot.  It was too cute not to share.  His name is on the booty of the diaper cover.  Again, this was an etsy purchase!

So big!!
You can see some of the poms and the printables I used to decorate in the background.
Finally, Outfit #4.  I found some cute "pirate themed" swimming trunks at the beginning of the summer and we put them on our little guy when it was time for some water activities!
So cute.
I created several different things for the kiddos to do at the party.  Each activity was a stop on the treasure map.  I love having a plan and something structured--this way, the parents and kiddos have fun and don't get bored!

First stop, Dig for Buried Treasure.  We filled Nate's sandboat with sand, and then I scattered small toys and trinkets I purchased from Oriental Trading, along with a few shovels.  The kiddos had an absolute blast digging for their treasure.

Ready for action!
E picking out some treasure.

M captaining the boat.
Nate getting in on the treasure hunt.
He loved the sand.
Squishing it.
Throwing it.

The next activity we had available was decorating a pirate picture frame.  The kids were totally uninterested in this one.  Oh well!  This art project came in a big pack from Oriental Trading and was inexpensive, so not too much was lost.

A big hit was the Jolly Roger Tattoo Parlor.  There were awesome pirate tattoos to choose from.  I think every kiddo got a tattoo!

Nate and his ink.

Sweet S and her tattoo.
Inside, kiddos could take a break from the heat, eat a snack and enjoy a pirate book or two!

The most enjoyed activity, water fun!  We had a pirate water table, baby pool and a crazy sprinkler set up.  On a hot August day, these were necessities and so much fun!
M looking at a boat.
G checking out the water table.
Sweet C!
Cutie G!
Cute kiddos!
So fun.
Sweet smiles.
Totally worth it!
Crazy, fun sprinkler!
Nate couldn't get enough.
Absolutely no fear.
Sprinkler in the face.  NBD.

M & S taking a dip in the pool.

Next up, its time for cake!

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