Thursday, January 5, 2012

Growing Up ... Overnight!

At 16.5 months, Nate has finally decided to start walking!!!  He has been cruising, taking 3 steps between furniture pieces, and pushing his push toys around for months but wouldn't let go.  He'd stand by himself if he was distracted and doing something, but once he realized it, out would go the hand.  He'd walk holding on to one of our fingers, but just wouldn't let go.  We knew he had the ability to walk, just not the confidence.  And, once he decided to do so, he'd take off.

Well, a couple days after Christmas, he decided it was time.  We were playing on the floor together and he stood himself up and walked about 5-6 steps to me.  Once he realized he could do it on his own, he was off and now, one week later, walks all over the house.  It is so funny to see this little thing toddling down the hallway by himself...we do a double take and stare in amazement every time!  So much fun.

In addition, his comprehension and parroting has also picked up in the last week.  He now repeats things that we say and will point to objects (like his nose, eyes, belly button, ears), and will even follow very simple directions (like, can you put that block in here?).  He has literally grown up overnight!

Here is a short little video we took last night that will give you a peek into these new changes.  Nate likes to run off energy before winding down here.  It is crazy time until he crashes.  Such a little boy.

 **Please ignore the bad lighting--he was walking too fast for me to get the hall light switched on before he got there.  And, enjoy our goofy parent voices!

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