Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Washington D.C.

In mid-september, Michael traveled to Washington D.C. for a month-long radiology conference.  Every year, the 3rd year residents pick one session (out of the 4 or 5 offered each year...this spreads things out so the hospital isn't missing more than 1 or 2 docs at any given time) to go to, and spend a month in D.C. listening to lectures given by doctors from around the country.  Michael was scheduled to go last September, but we were busy with our new little guy, so he went this year instead.  His friend Thomas, a fellow resident, also went to the same session.

Nate and I flew up to spend the middle two weeks with him.  I was able to arrange to work out of our D.C. office for a week, and then I took a week vacation.  Ms. Amy joined us for the first week there as well.

We had such a great time exploring D.C. and enjoying the change of scenery.  I was shocked that Nate did GREAT on the flights and overall adjusted well to being in D.C.  Michael had a cozy one-bedroom apartment (The Landsburgh) in a fantastic location (Penn Quarter)--literally 3 blocks from the National Mall at 7th Street and D Ave.  We walked and took the Metro everywhere.  It was a lot of fun being urbanites for a couple of weeks!

Picture overload from the trip:

Watching football with Daddy.

Goofy boy crawling under his music table.

Made it!

Diving on the couch.

FBI Building next door to the apartment.

Old U.S. Post Office

Family pic!

Nate wore his "Lil Stinker" jacket.  He was too cute!

My good friend from law school, Brian, and his family recently moved to D.C.  Stacey (his wife) started a fellowship program in the area, and Brian actually got a job with my firm.  So, while I worked in D.C., we were able to have lunch together nearly every day, which was just like old times and so fun!  Brian and Stacey had twin boys in March 2011, so we got together for a play date one afternoon.  Such cuties!

I took Nate to the National Aquarium one afternoon while Michael was in conference.  For the "National" Aquarium, it wasn't much to look at, but Nate had a great time.

Checking out the Albino alligator.

We ventured into Alexandria, VA one afternoon.  Such a cute town!

Thomas and another conference attendee (one of Thomas' med school classmates).

Nate and I went to several of the Smithsonian museums while we were there.  Our favorite: Museum of Natural History.  We went into the butterfly room, which was so neat!

Yeah, that's real!

I loved looking at all of the jewels there!  It was amazing.

Hope Diamond.


The dinosaur replicas were pretty cool too.

Overall, the weather there was great!  One sunny afternoon, it was in the mid-sixties, so we took a long walk to the Capitol and Library of Congress.

Library of Congress ceiling mosaics.  We had to get pics of law and medicine!

The Library was just beautiful!

One day, Michael played hooky from the conference and stayed with Nate so I could go to the Supreme Court.  I tried to hear the oral arguments scheduled that day, but a couple Bill of Rights cases were on the docket, so it was SUPER crowded.  Even getting there 3 hours early only got me into the 5 minute line.  I was able to go in, see the Court in session and sit in the back for about 3 minutes before they moved you out.  It was so cool to see everything in action, even if only for a little bit!

Overall, our little trip to Washington, D.C. was great and I am so glad we decided to go.

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