Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Halloween 2011 - Our Lil' Stinker

Halloween was so much fun this year now that Nate was a bit older.  I had a great time picking out his costume.  He was a skunk, because he's such a lil' stinker.  It was fitting.  We didn't go trick or treating and only handed out candy until Nate went to sleep, so actual Halloween was a bit uneventful.  We did take Nate to my office for our annual Halloween Party though.  It was a ton of fun and awesome to see all the kiddos dressed up!

I bought Nate some cute Halloween PJs that he wore for a couple of weeks before Halloween.  Had to get a few pics for posterity!

Practicing his coloring skills...just before he tried to eat the crayons.
"Flying" with daddy.
Closing the door to his room.

At my work's party, we went trick-or-treating around the halls, and then had lunch catered by Wild About Harry's.  Amy brought Nate up to meet me, and Michael met us on his lunch break too.  Such fun!

Of course, Nate wouldn't sit still for pics, but I love the look from behind!

Getting hugs from Ms. Amy.
Um best picture ever.  What a goof ball!
Nate was extremely excited to find the Mum Mum in his little bag.  His school gave him the bag and Mum Mum, which we reused at the Halloween Party.

Still excited about the Mum Mum.
We let him have a lick of a sucker for the first time.  He was a fan, of course!

Happy Halloween 2011!

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