Saturday, February 25, 2012

Random Fall Happenings 2011

After cleaning off my camera memory card, I found a few random pics from other activities we were up to this Fall.  So, picture dump it is!

S's first birthday party.  Nate occupied himself by pushing around the alligator push toy all afternoon.

A couple of trips to the Arboretum to take pumpkin pictures!

 A little outdoor photo shoot with Ms. Amy, showcasing our awesome red chuck taylors.

Nate at some point realized he could climb into his wagon, which opened a whole new world of excitement for him.  And, we got a bunch of exercise pushing him back and forth across the room.

Snack time cutie!

More pumpkin pics with his girlfriend C.  Every single time we mention C's name, Nate does this gurgling C sound in his throat.  So cute.  These two just love each other's company!

A little outdoor photo fun.

Playing with homemade finger paints one weekend with mommy.  Thank you Pinterest!

Before school one morning.  Big boy!

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