Sunday, July 18, 2010

Baby Moon - Part 3

After a great night in Big Sur/Carmel, Michael and I woke up early, although it felt like we'd slept in given the time change.  We had breakfast at the house and then around 10 am, headed to Pebble Beach for the Tuesday, June 15th Practice Round of the US Open.

Immediately after arriving and heading to the first hole, we ran into Phil Mickelson and his party.  We followed Phil and his crew around for the next 4 holes or so.

After following Phil, we grabbed a snack and continued walking around the course.  The next "big" golfer we saw was Vijay Singh.

We also saw Sergio Garcia and Ian Poulter.  Ian was sporting his classic flashy pants.

We ate some lunch on the course and walked pretty much the entire thing.  At 7 months pregnant, I was one tired lady at the end of the day (we left around 2 pm).  Michael had a blast though and checked this off his Bucket List, although now he actually wants to play the course!  The views were breathtaking, even though it was cloudy and a bit chilly!

Vijay on a beautiful hole next to the ocean.

View of the 18th Green.

After leaving the course, we headed back to Carmel and rested up a bit.  We left around 6 pm, and drove back to San Francisco.  My poor cracked riblet was killing me on the drive back, so we stopped and got a heating pad.  That, combined with just sitting still in the car, really helped it feel better.  We flew home on the red-eye, arriving in Dallas about 5:30 am.  All in all it was a once in a lifetime trip and we were so glad we went.  We really enjoyed our time together and our last trip as a family of 2!

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